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So much of our life today is conducted over the Internet. We communicate online. We shop online. We even pay our bills online. We give the most personal information, such as social security, bank account, and credit card numbers, to our computer systems. How do we know this information is safe? Well, that depends on how good our information security is.
Information security protects our information from unauthorized access. This also applies to information not given over the Internet, such as good old-fashioned paper bills and statements. But, how much are those used anymore? Regardless, all of this information must be protected. Do you understand how? See how much trust you give to others who have access to your information with these quizzes on information security. 
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Please take this quiz individually. This will help with both gauging knowledge in core Information Security principles and also acting as an interactive educational tool. This is a 20 question quiz. Each question is worth 5...

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    What is SSL also referred to as in web browsers?

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    Why is it important to have a good understanding of Information Security policies and procedures? 

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    Which action below would breach the Clear Desk and Screen Policy?

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    Another name for the information security triad is:

This Policy has been created to mitigate the multiple risks that the organisation faces by handling data and using technical equipment. Please complete the following set of questions to demonstrate you have an understanding of...

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    If you are going to be using personal equipment in the organisation what should you do? (Select all that apply)

Information Security Questions & Answers

What is the biggest threat to computer information security?
All of the choices all pose a threat to computer information security. Instant messaging may be dangerous if people are dealing with people that they do not know. If they are lured into giving their personal information, this can definitely become a
Which option can complete this sentence? The first step in Security Awareness is being able to ________ a security threat.
The correct answer to this question is B. The first step in Security Awareness is being able to recognize a security threat. This can be done by making users aware of what a threat looks like, communicating regularly with all levels of the organizati
What should everyone know about information security?A. Computer security is part of everyone s jobB. Verify everything! Verify who the person is on the phone. Verify that the website is...
1. Computer security is part of everyone s job2. Verify everything! Verify who the person is on the phone. Verify that the website is real. Verify that the visitor belongs where you find them..3. Report anything suspicious to your system administra
Which statement most accurately describes virus?
A virus is defined as an infective agent. When that infective agent is in the body of a human it can be a lot different than if it is a virus that infects a computer this kind of virus is defined as a piece of code that is capable of copying itself a