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In our modern world, we spend almost all day on websites of one kind of another. They are an integral part of our human experience in the technological world, so why wouldn’t we (on THIS website) want to throw some quizzes at you ABOUT websites. A website - a set of pages served from a unique domain - can serve any purpose. So we’ll ask you about them all - government websites, celebrity websites, gaming sites, forums, media sharing sites, personal websites, political sites, search engine websites, email websites, web portals and wiki sites.

Do you know what sites have won Webby awards? What about the most trafficked websites in the world? What are the oldest and longest lasting websites still in use? So stick here, on our website, and try some of our quizzes. We’ll even let you search some websites if you get stumped.
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Questions: 5  |  Attempts: 2604   |  Last updated: Jun 29, 2018
  • Sample Question
    What Do You Like?

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 1335   |  Last updated: Oct 13, 2014
  • Sample Question
    The reason why it is important to check the reliability of a website is because:

These quizzes are desgined to test your knowledge of the oral topics vocabulary provided on our website.   Instructions: Choose the correct answer (answers) then click "submit your...

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 455   |  Last updated: Jan 11, 2013
  • Sample Question
    To be unbiased means to 

Responsive Website Design Quiz

Questions: 14  |  Attempts: 752   |  Last updated: Sep 29, 2020
  • Sample Question
    A customer needs to register their website domain in their own name and provide the logins to the fulfillment team at the time of Kick Off Call. 

Find out what website you are. And this has nothing to do with your age!

Questions: 6  |  Attempts: 248   |  Last updated: Feb 20, 2013
  • Sample Question
    What do you most enjoy to do?


Question:   |  Attempts: 598   |  Last updated: Feb 25, 2021

This is just a quick quiz to see how "web savvy" you are.

Question:   |  Attempts: 33   |  Last updated: Feb 17, 2021

There are very few limitations when it comes to someone putting something up on a website and this, therefore, puts some emphasis on evaluating a website. By doing this one ensure that information they are getting is credible....

Question:   |  Attempts: 180   |  Last updated: Jan 13, 2021

If you watched the video, you should do VERY well on this quiz. Once you are done, go back to Good luck!

Question:   |  Attempts: 204   |  Last updated: Oct 23, 2020

What do you know about the refugees' welcome website? There are a lot of reasons why people escape their home country, either fear of persecution or war, and other countries seem to be safer. Do you know how many lives the...

Question:   |  Attempts: 233   |  Last updated: Apr 8, 2020

Below are some total website plus 2020 questions! One of the changes in the business sector that people are open to is the creation of websites that enable them to run a business run with little hassles, and total website plus is...

Question:   |  Attempts: 177   |  Last updated: Mar 26, 2020

How Much Do You Know About Evaluating Websites? There are different ways that you can use to evaluate the quality of a website to check authority, accuracy, objectivity, currency, coverage, and appearance before you roll it out...

Question:   |  Attempts: 168   |  Last updated: Nov 4, 2019

How Well Do You Know About Contact Creator? This is an application that makes it easy for people to register as voters as it stores most of their information. Do you know enough about this register and what information it has on...

Question:   |  Attempts: 43   |  Last updated: Oct 21, 2019

The quiz below will teach you on Everything You Should Know About Creating a Website. Today a lot of business transactions are done online, so if you want to tap into this market, you need to have a website that attracts your...

Question:   |  Attempts: 507   |  Last updated: Oct 3, 2019

Below is the Ultimate Trivia Quiz to Take On Website. Have you just learned about how to create a website? Do you know some of the factors to consider when making an inviting and easy to use the website? Take up the quiz below...

Question:   |  Attempts: 109   |  Last updated: Oct 3, 2019

Below is a FanBox Mission Website Quiz. It is designed to help you know just how much you know about the website and how it works in meeting its objectives in the world of unemployment. Think you have what it takes to tackle it?...

Question:   |  Attempts: 416   |  Last updated: Sep 23, 2019

Vine is an online platform that allows users to share videos which are usually published via Vine's social network and other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. With the Vine app, videos can be browsed on theme...

Question:   |  Attempts: 61   |  Last updated: May 4, 2018

Website developers have become some of the most looked out people in the world today. Whether a developer or a user, it is important to know how to gauge a good website. The quiz below tests on several website concepts.

Question:   |  Attempts: 173   |  Last updated: Jan 31, 2018

Question:   |  Attempts: 36   |  Last updated: Aug 10, 2017

Question:   |  Attempts: 69   |  Last updated: Jun 16, 2017

IWant My Website Back

Question:   |  Attempts: 3323   |  Last updated: May 29, 2017

Mobile Website Design Quiz

Question:   |  Attempts: 603   |  Last updated: Jun 22, 2016

Why not see how much you know, could you pass for a web designer? Take a journey into the world of website jargon and see how high you can score...

Question:   |  Attempts: 117   |  Last updated: Feb 28, 2013

Try out our special website quiz all about Colin!

Question:   |  Attempts: 37   |  Last updated: Feb 15, 2013

This is a quiz to see if you were paying attention to my wesite. All the answers yu can find on my website. GOOD LUCK!!

Question:   |  Attempts: 85   |  Last updated: Feb 12, 2013

A fun way to share some fun facts about us with you! Enjoy!

Question:   |  Attempts: 33   |  Last updated: Jan 29, 2013