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Related Topics

  • What does WWW mean?
    What does WWW mean?
    World Wide Web

  • What is the difference between Git and GitHub?
    What is the difference between Git and GitHub?
    Git is a type of revision control system. This is a type of tool that is used to make sure that your source code history will be managed properly. Github may seem similar to it but this is different. This is the one that will provide the needed hosting services for the projects that will be done by Git. It may be a requirement for you to learn how to use the two because there are various companies who will not hire you if you do not have any knowledge in doing this. When you use Git, you have to make sure that you will efficiently use the code that is currently needed.

  • Who are my two best friends?
    Who are my two best friends?
    Josh and Alyssa (cuz im totally your best friend.) lol

  • What is the reason behind '' and '' facing problems lately?
    What is the reason behind '' and '' facing problems lately?
    Websites creating is one of the most trending things in this present time. There are different websites for different purposes. There are websites you can get songs, movies, pictures, articles, and many from. Likewise, there are websites you can get comics of several kinds from. Two of the most reputable platforms or websites where you can get Japanese comics from are and Note that these two domain names would lead you to the same site. However, lately, these manga websites have been having some problems. The problems that can be encountered while accessing these sites are; having challenges loading the manga info, chapter lists loading reduction, and restore and backups issues too. Users of the sites lodge complaints that the site is technically down, and this is majorly due to the invasion of the virus on the site. Even after the problems might have been solved, the same issue or another can show up again.

  • Why is NARUTOGET not working? What happened to it?
    Why is NARUTOGET not working? What happened to it?
    There are several sites where video can be downloaded from, and also watched. Also, there are thousands of new movies being released into the market every year. Movies are used to entertain oneself, and probably catch some fun. Movies can be in several forms; a movie can be single, can be a collection, a seasonal movie which is most times released in episodes, and a movie can also be in the form of series. There are thousands of movies that are released in series and especially episodes, of which some most popular ones include "Merlin," "24 hours", "game of throne" and many more. Another popular episodic and series comic was the Naruto Shippuden and Naruto anime. These were famously watched on the before the site seemed not to be responding anymore. This was caused by its hosting companies: GoDaddy and HostGator who blocked the site because it has no permission to stream the Naruto anime series. Well, is the new sites where the Naruto anime video can be gotten.

  • Why is it that manga websites like and been having problems lately?
    Why is it that manga websites like and been having problems lately?
    In any well-established business or enterprise, the creation of the website is highly essential nowadays. Internet users are increasing daily, and virtually anything you want can be done or gotten through the internet, even in the comfort of your house. Now, it's one thing to have a good website, and it's another thing to maintain it. There are two "manga" sites which are having issues lately. These manga websites are and Even up till this present moment, is still struggling with gaining balance back with their sites. Manga, however, refers to comics which are watched by the Japanese across almost all ages. Examples of these which can be found on their website include One Piece 951, world trigger 182, Naruto 701, Fairy Tail 546, and many more. What has been discovered to be the reason for the problems they are encountering in their websites is primarily the invasion of the virus on the site due to too many ads.

  • What is this speed of bird appears to fish?
    What is this speed of bird appears to fish?
    17/3 cm/s

  • What is the difference between .Com and .Org?
    What is the difference between .Com and .Org?
    There are still some differences between .org and .com, even apart from the fact that they are top domains for websites creation. There are many websites online with different domains, but .org and .com are special domains. In fact, the type of website you are creating will determine the type of domain that will be good for the site. .org differs from .com in some ways. The first notable difference between .org and .com is that; they are top domains which are used for different organizations. .org is the type of domain that is used in creating website for non-profit organizations like is a type of domain which is used in creating website for companies, business oriented organizations. The best domain for a commercial site is .com. If we should differentiate them in terms of popularity, .com is more popular than .com, probably because we have many profit oriented organizations than nonprofit ones.

  • Why is it important to check the reliability of a website?
    Why is it important to check the reliability of a website?
    All of the above.

  • What does YOUPO mean?
    What does YOUPO mean?
    I do not know what YOUPO is, but I do know that there is a website called YouPorn, that is a porn site. It houses a lot of porn videos about almost everything that people want. People can look up the sex video scandals of celebrities from masturbating videos to real sex videos. There are also very random videos that can be found here. Some even search for fetish videos that cannot be appreciated by all. This is a website that you can check but do remember that checking out porn sites online will always come with some risks no matter how secure the website is supposed to be.

  • Why is it that websites like Eros and Cityvibe not illegal especially when these promote illegal contents online?
    Why is it that websites like Eros and Cityvibe not illegal especially when these promote illegal contents online?
    Some people cannot help but wonder why some websites are not considered to be illegal. These two are websites that are based in America. There are some portions in America wherein prostitution is not deemed to be unlawful. Also, these websites can help people in a way. It will allow people to know if some people are preying on prostitutes by exposing them to other readers. This can also work in favor of the readers because some prostitutes may also be detected because they are doing things that may harm other people. These are probably the reasons why these sites are still ongoing.

  • Who would win the war between Reddit and quora, if there's one in future, hypothetically speaking?
    Who would win the war between Reddit and quora, if there's one in future, hypothetically speaking?
    These two are a bit different. In Quora, people can ask specific questions, and people can provide the needed answers. There are times when they may add some images to the items so that they will be easier to understand. In Reddit, people have the power to share all of the details that they want. They can talk about the news if they're going to, and they can also share content that can be voted up or down by the other readers of Reddit. I am probably biased towards Quora mainly because I like the material better so if I were asked which one will be able to survive in the future, I would say Quora.

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