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In case you haven’t caught on yet, the internet is kind of a big deal. The web has opened literal millions of doors for people to stay in touch long distance, buy, sell, trade, explore, and learn. It has given individuals around the globe the ability to interact in ways we once never imagined possible. The internet is part of everyday life, but just how much do you know about it and what it does? Do you know who first coined the phrase “world wide web?” Do you know how, where, when,

and why the internet started? Who was J.C.R. Licklider and what role did he play in the development of the web? Do you know what Ethernet is? Whether you’re brand new to the web or you've been traveling the information superhighway for years, these quizzes have something special for everyone to enjoy.

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  • Mummies - The ancient Egyptians developed a method of preserving bodies so they would remain lifelike even after death. Today we call this process mummification. Visit the British Museum and x-ray a mummy. What is kept in canopic jars?
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  • Vampire Bats - There are over 1,000 different kinds of bats. How many of those are vampire bats, the kind that drink blood? Find the answer in the Bat Library.
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  • Vampire Bats - What kind of blood do these bats usually dine on?  Find the answer in the Bat Library.
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  • Which of the following statements best describes the MicroStrategy Metadata?
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  • Which of the following objects provides descriptive information from the data warehouse that can be displayed on a report?
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  • Which of the following objects enables users to select the information to be included in a report or document at run time?
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