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In case you haven’t caught on yet, the internet is kind of a big deal. The web has opened literal millions of doors for people to stay in touch long distance, buy, sell, trade, explore, and learn. It has given individuals around the globe the ability to interact in ways we once never imagined possible. The internet is part of everyday life, but just how much do you know about it and what it does? Do you know who first coined the phrase “world wide web?” Do you know how, where, when,

and why the internet started? Who was J.C.R. Licklider and what role did he play in the development of the web? Do you know what Ethernet is? Whether you’re brand new to the web or you've been traveling the information superhighway for years, these quizzes have something special for everyone to enjoy.
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Web 2.0 denotes the second generation of the worldwide web, which transformed the HTML pages into interactive mode and user-friendly. A Web 2.0 website allows users to interact and collaborate with each other through social media...

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    When did the term web 2.0 become popular?

Our fist quiz about web 2.0

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    When did the term web 2.0 become popular

Web services are pieces of software that make themselves available over the internet and use standardised XML messaging systems – which encode all communications to a web service. What can you tell us about them? Find out...

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    Web services components are written in which Markup Language?

Multiple Choice (2pts each). Please select the best answer for each of the following questions. There is only ONE correct answer.

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    Which of the following statements best describes the MicroStrategy Metadata?

Test your knowledge of basic Web usability principles.

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    An important first step in designing a Web site is to:

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What is the difference between Web Service and WCF?
Web service is used to send SOAP or Simple Object Access Protocol messages to users. However, a user needs to know how to send and receive SOAP messages. The technologies used by SOAP are supported by XML and HTTP. The processes of web service have
What is the difference between DropBox and Google Drive?
Storing files in the cloud are becoming more popular as compared to storing in offline servers because of its advanced convenience features. Two of the more popular cloud storage options are Google Drive and Dropbox. Google Drive is a cloud storage s
Which statement(s) is/are true with respect to SOAP 1.2.?
The following statement(s) is/are true with respect to SOAP: A. SOAPAction HTTP header is optional in SOAP 1.2. B. SOAP 1.2 disallows partially transmitted and sparse arrays. C. SOAP 1.2 adds a new standard header for reporting additional informat
Is UDDI a registry and a repository?
A UDDI registry is planned as a stage free registry for organizations to distribute web services that can be found and utilized by others. A part client (with a client name and secret word) can distribute business data and web services, which compris
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