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    What are the Three common types of computer Networks?

What we have here is a VPN practice test MCQ quiz trivia! The Virtual Private Network is almost everyone’s answer to having anonymity and secrecy when they are using the internet. It protects one from being tracked and...

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    Which of the following is not a characteristic of a VPN? 

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    Refer to the exhibit. Based on the provided show ip dhcp snooping command, which statement is true?


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    Wireshark relies on the WinPcap driver when running on a Windows host?

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What is the difference between Villi and Microvilli?
Microvilli is a component of the cell. The function of the microvilli is basically to augment the surface area of the cell. Another function of microvilli includes the secretion, absorption, and cellular adhesion or its sticking. On the other hand, t
What is the difference between LPR and RAW?
LPR stands for Line Printer Remote Protocol. Both LPR and RAW protocols are implicated with network printing. The concept of network printing necessitates printing documents by multiple users without using a direct connection of cables between comput
What is the difference between Cloud Computing and Virtualization?
The principle contrast between the two ideas is that virtualization alludes to the control of programming and equipment, while cloud computing is the result of this procedure. For all intents and purposes, distributed computing is an idea made from o
What is the difference between NTFS Permissions and Share Permissions?
NTFS, or New Technology File System, which is a brand-new file structure from Microsoft. The central difference between NTFS permissions and share permissions is the person's location that is influenced by either one. NTFS permissions pertain to loca
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