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    What is the cache used for?

This is a timed open book test.  You must recieve 80% or above to attend inthinc installation training.

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    What are the three main components of the WaySmart vehicle monitoring system?

The best the best

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    Refer to the exhibit.All devices in the network use default configurations.How many logical address ranges are required in this topology?

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Topology Questions & Answers

What type of physical topology is shown in this figure?
StarThe figure shows a star topology.
What is the purpose of assigning a default gateway to this switch?
Allows connectivity to Router B from the switch prompt
What is the default administrative distance of OSPF?
110Directly Connected - 0 Static - 1 EIGRP - 90 EIGRP Summary Route - 5 OSPF - 110 RIP - 120
What kind of cable should be used to make each connection that is identified by the numbers shown?
1 – Ethernet straight-through cable 2 – Ethernet straight-through cable 3 – Serial cable 4 – Rollover cable To connect two serial interfaces of 2 routers we use serial cable To specify when we use crossover cable or straight-through cable,