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How to Create an Assessment Online

  How amazing would it be if you could create an online assessment in 5 minutes that would allow you to: -Identify knowledge gaps -Help learners assess themselves and track their progress -Assess and screen candidates for a profile -Measure employee performance -Train anyone no matter what their learning style Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Well,...
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10 Benefits of Online Test Maker

Over the years, online test makers have made themselves a hit among businesses and employers, especially when it comes to hiring the right candidate for any job role.  Employers today put more faith in online assessment platforms than university degrees.  According to The New Economy in one of their articles about the importance of online...
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10 Amazing Ways to Use an Online Assessment Creator

When you hear the phrase “online assessment creator,” you probably think of a test-making tool. And you’re exactly right: online tools are excellent for developing assessments to be used in any type of establishment, be it for business or education. However, there’s a lot more you can do with these tools than just develop assessment...
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How to Create a Skill Assessment Test for Hiring

According to a Career Builder survey, a bad hire costs nearly $15,000 on an average! Sounds like a hefty figure, doesn’t it? Well, it is! Let’s face it- hiring the best talent is one of the most complex tasks. It takes a lot of time, energy, and effort. Also, bad hiring can lead to real...
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How to Choose the Right Online Exam Software

Dealing with the responsibility of building your learners’ future, handling the administrative stuff, and working long hours means that when you reach home, you want to just let go and relax. Grading exam papers is not a task that is at the top of your mind at that time. Seriously, when was the last time...
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How to Choose Online Test Maker Software

With a number of Test Making Software available out there, selecting the right one for yourself or your organization can become a daunting task. However, choosing the wrong software can not only be a waste of your time and money but also hinder the learning process. Here are 11 errors you should avoid to make...
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5 Ways to Assess Student Learning Online

Online learning has quickly moved into the mainstream. Educational and business institutions alike are discovering the powerful, cost-effective opportunities of using the Internet and Web 2.0 for teaching and learning. But online learning is still very young, and many aspects are still in experimental stages. One of the main issues being addressed right now is...
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13 Ways to Prevent Cheating on Online Exams

Online tests offer a number of benefits from saving time to saving money and are an integral part of many courses.  Despite the numerous benefits, teachers must face the fact that online tests are not immune from cheating. Students have always, and will always, attempt to cheat. With online tests the ways students find to cheat...
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