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Automate Answer Grading

Create assessments in minutes

Create assessments in education with education assessment software in minutes. Choose from our ready-to-use templates on different topics, edit as you like, and create your own education assessment tests. This online assessment tool for teachers makes testing and assessment in education far easier with automated grading and scoring. Save time by importing questions from question banks and automating grades & scores for correct answers with our online educational software.

Teach Anytime, Anywhere

Build easily accessible assessments

Multi Language Assessment Software for Teachers

Build education assessments online in 70+ languages that are easily accessible from laptops, mobiles, and tablets with our educational assessment software. Education assessment tests that you create on this education assessment software can easily fit the screens on laptops, mobile phones, and tablets and can also be shared directly with the learners on their email.

  • Create assessments in 70+ languages
  • Share directly through emails
  • Easily accessible on mobile, tablet & laptop

View Detailed Reports

Visit reports to catch up on learner data

Detailed Learner Reports for Educational Assessments

View detailed learner reports anytime, anywhere. With this online assessment tool for teachers, the reports are auto-generated and contain all of the learners’ data like recent activities, total attempts made on a test, the average time taken to complete a test, time spent on a particular question and more. It helps you track a learner across all tests or track activity by any common field across all your tests or assessments. ProProfs Quiz Maker is the best-suited assessment software for teachers.

  • Review individual performance
  • Check total attempts made on a test
  • Track average time taken to complete a test

Ensure Security & Privacy

Configure settings to secure assessments

Configure Settings to Secure Assessments in Education

Ensure security and privacy of your assessments by configuring the security settings to avoid unauthorized access. Prevent cheating by randomizing the set of questions so no student gets the same set of questions. Online assessment tool for teachers lets you create password protected assessments. Allow access to select users or a group of users with our education assessment software.


  • Create Secure Education Assessment Tests


    Password protected private quizzes

  • Online Advance Reporting Assessment Tools

    Advanced reports & stats

    Detailed learner data available anytime

  • Online Education Assessments in 70+ Languages


    Assessments in 70+ languages that run on all devices.

  • Pre Built Online Assessments Questions

    Question bank

    Pool of 100,000+ questions on different topics

  • Online Assessment Templates

    Ready-to-use templates

    Choose from over 15 ready-to-use templates

  • Customized Educational Assessment Certificate

    Completion certificates

    Customizable quiz completion certificates

  • Share Online Course & Assessment Test


    Easy to share on emails or embed on website.

Create a QuizGet a Demo

Create a Quiz Get a Demo

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