Charlene Campbell teaches Earth and Space Science at McKeel Academy, a not-for-profit charter school. In 1998, the school joined the charter school movement and opened the first secondary conversion charter school in Florida. They now have three campuses in Lakeland, Florida. In 2011, the school was recognized by the Florida Department of Education as a high performing charter school system.

McKeel Academy


As a science teacher, I needed a mechanism to test my students and get an indication of their understanding. I also wanted my students to get immediate feedback after the tests. It was impossible with paper-based tests, and grading was time-consuming. I was looking for a simple tool that can solve these problems. ProProfs proved to be the perfect solution for me.


I love ProProfs Quiz Maker because I no longer have a difficult time deciphering what quiz or test my students have taken and which one they are yet to. My students also prefer ProProfs because they receive immediate results and feedback regarding the questions they missed. I get immediate results; if a student makes an error, I can review their reports with them. The best part is that it is PAPERLESS!!! I love that I can provide my students with a link, and they can then take my quiz with all randomized questions, and at the end of the day, I don't have to deal with papers! Features I value most include being able to set a date and time for a test or quiz to open and close. Also, the cumulative test results let me see what areas need to be reviewed for the class, and the ease of adding multimedia into questions is superb!


ProProfs Quiz Maker has helped me, as a school teacher, to really organize my lessons. It is so easy to make pop quizzes and tests, and the results, the data, students' tests, cumulative reports, and stats are all in a very easy place to locate. I have already recommended ProProfs to all of my colleagues and other teachers I know. It is absolutely, hands down the easiest, most efficient program I have ever used in my classroom, and my students love it too!

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