ProProfs Acquires Webinar Software Provider WebinarNinja

SANTA MONICA, CA / January 22, 2024 / ProProfs, a leading provider of SaaS products and on-demand learning tools, announced today that it has acquired Webinar Ninja, the popular webinar software solution built for coaches, teachers, trainers, and consultants.

With a comprehensive eLearning suite comprising ProProfs Training Maker and ProProfs Quiz Maker, ProProfs is an industry leader in on-demand learning. The acquisition of WebinarNinja software marks a strategic step forward by expanding ProProfs capabilities to deliver both live & on-demand learning experiences. This move reaffirms ProProfs’ commitment to providing innovative and accessible learning experiences across various formats.

WebinarNinja’s all-in-one webinar solution with built-in marketing capabilities (landing pages, email, forms, and more) is used by coaches and creators to reach their audience with amazing learning experiences by combining live and on-demand courses and webinars. WebinarNinja supports all devices and operating systems without the need for any software download or installation. Powerful analytics inform decision-making, offering invaluable audience insights that drive business growth and success.

WebinarNinja has enriched the learning journeys of a global community comprising over 30,000 users, delivering webinars to over 3 million attendees. WebinarNinja is a trusted solution used by renowned names such as Podia, AppSumo, Baremetrics, and HR Answerbox.

“WebinarNinja software is designed for teaching, not meetings, which makes it an excellent fit for us,” said Sameer Bhatia, CEO of ProProfs. “WebinarNinja technology now allows us to deliver both live & on-demand learning experiences for small groups & large-scale businesses. Through innovation and strategic software acquisitions, we’re ensuring the best-in-class learning solutions for businesses and educators.”

WebinarNinja was founded in 2014 by former teachers turned entrepreneurs Omar Zenhom and Nicole Baldinu, who emerged from their experience hosting webinars on entrepreneurship by recognizing the shortcomings of existing commercial webinar solutions, which were often cumbersome and unattractive. Zenhom and Baldinu embarked on a mission to build a more user-friendly platform. Their driving principle was that sharing valuable experiences through teaching lays the foundation of trust in business.

“ProProfs’ strategic acquisition represents the next phase of growth for WebinarNinja and its core solutions,” said Omar Zenhom, Co-Founder of WebinarNinja. “I’m confident that our technology is in capable hands and that the ProProfs team will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of SaaS while redefining the future of webinars. I extend my deepest gratitude to our dedicated WebinarNinja team and to our loyal users who have been instrumental in WebinarNinja’s success.”

The acquisition reflects ProProfs’ vision for empowering businesses through seamless, engaging, and transformative online experiences. Other ProProfs acquisitions include Picreel (2021), Qualaroo (2020), BIGContacts (2020), ProProfs Project (2016), HelpIQ (2015), and Live2Support (2015). The addition of WebinarNinja will complement ProProfs’ suite of online learning & collaboration tools.

ProProfs is proud to give WebinarNinja its “forever home” as part of the ProProfs family of online learning and training tools.

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