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    Evidence for postulating the concept of the unconscious includes:

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    According to Adler, childhood experiences:

Theories of Personality Quiz

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    The person-centered view of human nauture is

What do you think are the factors that affect different personalities? What is the origin of the different personalities? Find out below by answering these simple set of questions on theories of personality. All the best.

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    Gestalt therapy is a form of

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    Which is not a key concept of existential therapy?

Theories Of Personality Questions & Answers

Adlerians believe that discouragement:
Because it increases the Inferiority Complex to the patient that hinders the betterimprovements.
Striving for superiority is seen as a neurotic manifestation.
True.Adler later tended to use striving for superiority more in reference to unhealthy or neurotic striving (Boeree, 2006)  
The tendency to uncritically accept others beleifs without assimilating or internalizing them is the definition of
INTROJECTION= I am looking in my textbook and confluence is bluriing the differentaiton between the self and the environment
When Adler spoke of individuality, he referred to:
The unique way we develop our own style of striving for competence