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Things are about to get really mysterious, really fast and we hope you’re ready. Our mystery trivia is done and it is filled with some of the most interesting questions one could come up with. Do you wish to see these questions? If so, then you should first take a look at the samples we prepared right here. Someone thinking while leaning against a wall, not looking sad, depressed or happy, is how exactly?

The trick is to always convey the message that you are a self-sufficient individual that doesn't need what? A mysterious personality is often considered by most people, and especially by the opposite sex, to be what? Get all the answers from the mystery quizzes right to win the main prize.

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  • She saw McCarthy and his son having an argument... she ran home to tell her mother. The pronoun she in the above excerpt refers to

  • What happened when she told her mother what she had seen?

  • Mr McCarthy went to Boscombe Pool because he wanted to

  • What is foreshadowing? 
    Mystery question from

  • Where do you find foreshadowing? 
    Mystery question from

  •  He looked up at his father and swallowed hard... is an example of what? 
    Mystery question from

  • Have your friends been to your house or know where you live?
    Mystery question from

  • Do your friends know your middle name?
    Mystery question from

  • Is the information on your Facebook page real?
    Mystery question from

  • Who is Francine's older sister?  

  • The word Sulking means what?

  • What color was the bike?