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Puppy Questions and Answers

  • Do you have any plants that may harm your new pet? (Some can because puppies can be mischievous and when a puppy has a tummy ache, they eat grass and other plants to settle their stomachs!) 

  • Do you know what it means when your YOUNG puppy's belly is swollen? If so, tell.

  • When do you HAVE to spay/neuter your male/female puppy? If you know, tell why you must.

  • What kind of personality should your dog have?

  • What kind of size do you want your dog to have?

  • What kind of a back yard do you have?

  • What Are Your Living Conditions Like?i.e. How big is your home?
    Puppy question from

  • Choose One Requirement You Would Like For Your Dog.
    Puppy question from

  • Choose The Size Of Your Dog.
    Puppy question from

  • how long are you at home

  • are you ready to walk with your dog

  • how old are you

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