Top Dog Breed Quizzes & Trivia

Hey there buddy! You might want to “paws” for a moment and read the sign! “Beware of dogs!” You got it right. You are in big, big trouble. You might “terri-er-self-up” if you don’t take extra care! ‘Cause it’s yet another day for challenging and fun quizzes! How well do you think you know your dog breeds?

Yes. Most people recognize a Labrador Retriever, Dalmatian, Pug, or Poodle when they see one. But do you know what a Chinese shar-pei looks like? If you do! Then this is just right for you! Take our ultimate quizzes and show your woof to your favorite man’s best friend! Prepare yourself for a “ruff ruff” time! We made sure to spice the questions a bit to make it more interesting! So expect the unexpected dog-lover! Quench your thirst! Feed your hunger for trivia! ‘Bone-a-pet-treat!’

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  • What is one of your favorite dog movies?

  • In which U.S. state would you rather live?

  • You and your friends are baking a cake! What kind of cake are you making?

  • Pick the answer that best describes you or your family's level of activity.

  • Please choose the answer that best describes your home.

  • Are there children in the home?

  • How much space do you have for your dog?
    Dog breed question from

  • What size dog would you prefer?
    Dog breed question from

  • Which look do you prefer?
    Dog breed question from

  • What is your hair like?

  • What accesory would you use in your hair?

  • What color is your hair?