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What is the difference between Doberman and Doberman Pinscher?
There is no difference between the Doberman and the Doberman Pinscher, as they are both the same breed of dog. The only exception would be the different choice of the kennel clubs; whereas the American clubs prefer Doberman Pinscher, the European clu
Which dog breeds do not have tails?
This is quite difficult question to answer since no dogs are normally without tails they are ordinarily docked by the vet. However because of some imaginative crossbreeding lately, A change in a gene called the T-box interpretation factor T gene (C18
How big do labadors get?
A Labrador retriever is a dog that is common to many households. Many people who have disabilities will rely on this breed for help. However, these animals can grow to become large dogs. Most will weigh around 60 pounds as an adult dog. Known by thei