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Have you ever wondered if anyone was just like you? Turns out, there is! Take this quiz to find out which little ball of fluff has your personality type! Just answer these simple questions about yourself and know which dog breed...

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 9738   |  Last updated: Jul 9, 2021
  • Sample Question
    You are invited to babysit. You...

This quiz helps you to determine which type of dog would make a good match for you and your family. There are so many different dog breeds; find out which one is right for you. Take this quiz and adopt a puppy today!

Questions: 18  |  Attempts: 72998   |  Last updated: May 4, 2021
  • Sample Question
    Pick the answer that best describes you or your family's level of activity.

Questions: 19  |  Attempts: 19101   |  Last updated: Oct 26, 2020

There are thousands of breeds in existence, this has made it a heinous task to choose which one to select for personal purposes. Dogs are wonderful animals and have become household wants over the years. This quiz is to help you...

Questions: 8  |  Attempts: 5206   |  Last updated: Oct 20, 2020
  • Sample Question
    What's your personality like?

Whether you're trying to determine what breed of dog you should buy, or you're just curious about the way you look, this quiz aims to analyze your features and personality to find out just which kind of dog you have the...

Questions: 6  |  Attempts: 11981   |  Last updated: May 6, 2021
  • Sample Question
    What is your hair like?

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A non-complicated quiz based on Cocker Spaniel dog breed!

Question:   |  Attempts: 327   |  Last updated: May 27, 2021

Generally, a small dog is considered to weigh less than 22 lbs or be shorter than 16 inches. One of the most common small dogs is the Yorkshire Terrier which has a big personality and is perfect as a companion on the go. Thinking...

Question:   |  Attempts: 4866   |  Last updated: May 24, 2021

Aren't dogs the cutest pets ever? Did you know that your dog misses you when you are gone? Yes! Dogs have a sense of time. Here is a quick fun quiz about them. Find out how much you know.

Question:   |  Attempts: 1372   |  Last updated: May 24, 2021

What do you know about the Yorkshire terrier? The Yorkshire terrier is one of the most miniature dog breeds of any terrier type of dog. The breed was established in Yorkshire, England. Yorkshire terriers are also known for...

Question:   |  Attempts: 671   |  Last updated: May 19, 2021

Do you know how many different dog breeds are in existence? The Kennel Club recognizes 211 dog breeds, and the Fédération Cynologique Internationale currently recognizes 344 breeds officially. Do you think you...

Question:   |  Attempts: 13924   |  Last updated: May 18, 2021

Human being love animals especially dogs because they are said to be very loyal animals. Their long association with humans has led to dogs to be uniquely attuned to human behavior. Do you know which dog you want to get? Take...

Question:   |  Attempts: 43625   |  Last updated: Apr 2, 2021

It's time to answer some cool quesions about Cockapoo dog breed!

Question:   |  Attempts: 1471   |  Last updated: Jan 21, 2021

Did you ever asked yourself what dog breed would you be in a canine world? You have come to the right place where you cand discover the real dog that lives is you if you are as wild as a Rottweiler or loyal as a...

Question:   |  Attempts: 414   |  Last updated: Jan 20, 2021

There are a lot of dog breeds in existence and they match with different people. Some people have been known to exhibit some characteristics that people associate some breeds with for example being fierce. If you were a canine...

Question:   |  Attempts: 7531   |  Last updated: Jan 19, 2021

Originated from Germany, the German Shepherd (or GSD) is a breed of working dogs that are either medium or large-sized. The German Shepherd is relatively new, so you might think you know a lot about this breed. Take this quiz to...

Question:   |  Attempts: 1751   |  Last updated: Dec 24, 2020

How many distinct dog breeds do you know? Do you think you can pass this quiz? Identify these if you can. There are many more than 150 types of dogs. They are separated into eight groups. These include sporting, hound, working,...

Question:   |  Attempts: 81   |  Last updated: Nov 25, 2020

Dog breeds interesting quiz trivia. Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend and are mostly domesticated. The earliest dog breeders used wolves to create domestic dogs. The Labrador retriever is, without a doubt, one of...

Question:   |  Attempts: 105   |  Last updated: Nov 19, 2020


Question:   |  Attempts: 447   |  Last updated: Nov 11, 2020

Dogs truly are man's best friend. And this best friend comes in all varieties.  As there is no one singular type of human personality- there is no paintbrush for dog breeds. Some are smarter, faster, or simply...

Question:   |  Attempts: 48747   |  Last updated: Oct 9, 2020

Lets See What Kind Of Dog Are You!

Question:   |  Attempts: 67   |  Last updated: Sep 24, 2020

Do you like dogs or do you have dogs? Well, take this test and find out what kind of dog you have!

Question:   |  Attempts: 1783   |  Last updated: Sep 1, 2020

Dogs are known as a man's best friend. They come in different varieties, colours and sizes; big, small, very big, cuddly etc. They perform various roles for human such as protection, hunting, companionship etc. Will you be...

Question:   |  Attempts: 342   |  Last updated: Aug 17, 2020

The average size for a Miniature Labradoodle is between 14 to 16 inches and 15 to 25 pounds. They are particularly not good watchdogs or guard-dogs but offer good companionship to their owners. Are you planning on getting...

Question:   |  Attempts: 906   |  Last updated: Jul 13, 2020