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Dogs, cats, Rats and bats. One of these animals don't belong here...which one is it? If you have a pet at home, you'll know what it's like to love an animal unconditionally and have it love you back. However, what do you know about other people's pets? What makes a pet a pet? Can ANY animal be a lion or a weasel? With questions along the lines of "What does a cat say?

" to "How many species of dog are there?" and "What kind of lizard is commonly found as a pet?", there's something in here for pet lovers of any age! So put on your walking shoes and take a stroll through these questions, how knows? You might even discover a new pet that you will want to love?

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  • What do you want in a pet?

  • What would be the reason why you would want a pet.

  • What would you want your pet to have.

  • Sterilizing pets help them live longer.
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  • Sterilizing cats will reduce their chance to get feline AIDS.
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  • Sterilizing dogs eliminates their chance to develop certain types of cancer.
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  • Do you have a big house and/or yard?

  • Are you active?

  • When you come home from work or school or where ever, how do you want your pet to greet you?

  • Which of the following ingredients are harmful (non species-appropriate) to your dog or cat and should never be found in your pet’s DAILY food?

  • Which of the following is NOT correct:

  • Mental exercise can be just as physically tiring as physical exercise.