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What’s that sound in your ears? Is it the chirping of sparrows, the caw-ing of crows or the screeching of hawks? The answer is all of them! With questions like “Which birds can't fly?”, “Which bird flies the highest?” and “Which bird flies the fastest?”, anyone who thinks he’s a budding ornithologist is going be able to wet his beak on this quiz! With questions like these, your mind is soon going to be ready to take to the skies and reach new limits.

Prepare to answer how many types of feathers a bird has, and which bird has eyelashes. Think you know your birds? Then answer which ones lay the biggest eggs, and what the smallest one is. After you're done you can tweet your results to your friends, or glide through the quizzes again!

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  • How much time do you think you have to devote to a bird?

  • How much bird experience do you have?

  • What will be your reaction if somebody shows you a beautiful Cockatoo they just purchased?

  • What size bird?

  • What colors?

  • Speed?

  • I am more of a 
    Bird question from

  • I prefer to have
    Bird question from

  • In conversation, I tend to be
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