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What’s a mammal? What makes a mammal a mammal? Is a bat a mammal or a bird? What about the platypus? Don’t faint. Take our online mammal quizzes and answer the quiz questions to enhance your knowledge about mammals.

This animal named Nelson’s small-eared shrew is of mammal in the family Soricidae, it is endemic to eastern Mexico. Take a quiz and learn more about this animal.

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    This species was first discovered in the 80s by?

Have you ever wondered what type of marine mammal you are? Are you a dolphin, a whale, a sea lion? Take marine mammals quiz to find out.

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  • Sample Question
    What do you do in your spare time?

Living things can be classified into groups, and a chiropteran group is an order form which the bats are a part of it. This class of mammals encompasses some animals that have the great power of flight. Do you think you know...

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  • Sample Question
    What Glyph is able to manipulate Illusion?

A quiz on mammals in general.

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    The subclass Theria, distinguished by skull characteristics, has 3 what?

A quiz to test to see what mammal you fit the best. <33 Be prepared.

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    Scenario One: A new kid arrives at your school, and the teacher introduces him/her to the class, letting the new kid tell you all about her/himself. After the formalities, the kid is assigned a seat next to you. What is your response?

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Mammal Questions & Answers

Which of the following animal is not a mammal?
Mammals are animals that have fur, produce milk for their young and have a backbone. These animals also may make sound or try to communicate with the other animals. They may yell or scream. Mammals can be either carnivores, herbivores or both. Some o
What would you tell Bob? Bob is color blind, but he knows that neither of his parents was color blind. He is wondering if he received the gene for color blindness from his mother, his father, or...
The answer for this is B which means that his mother is heterozygous for color blindness. This type of condition means that some people will have trouble distinguishing one color from another color. This color vision deficiency is more common among m
Which mammal cannot jump?
Elephant is the only mammal that cannot jump!
Who is the smallest mammal on earth?
The smallest mammal on earth is called the Etruscan Shrew. Its size makes it even cuter. This small animal hails from Thailand. If you have no idea how small it is, imagine that it has a nickname, ‘bumblebee bat.” It has gotten its name b