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What’s a mammal? What makes a mammal a mammal? Is a bat a mammal or a bird? What about the platypus? Don’t faint. Take our online mammal quizzes and answer the quiz questions to enhance your knowledge about mammals.
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Mammals Quiz.

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     Mammals are...

Have you ever wondered what type of marine mammal you are? Are you a dolphin, a whale, a sea lion? Take marine mammals quiz to find out.

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    What do you do in your spare time?

A quiz on mammals in general.

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    The subclass Theria, distinguished by skull characteristics, has 3 what?

Identifying mammals and their traits that distinguish them from other classes.  

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Show your skills!

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    The right lung is divided into ….. parts, called …..., whereas the left lung has ….parts


Mammal Questions & Answers

Why are pangolin the most trafficked animal species in the world?
It’s no news that pangolin is the most trafficked animal species in the world, but the reason why this species of animal is highly trafficked is not known to many people. Pangolins are mammal known for their scaly skin and their very long, stic
What are the mammals that can live on the land and in the water?
Amphibian Animals that are capable both on land and water are called AMPHIBIANS. Common examples are toads, salamanders, and frogs. These animals have highly specialized skin that can be used to breathe and also used to absorb water. The word amphibi
Which of the following animal is not a mammal?
Mammals are animals that have fur, produce milk for their young and have a backbone. These animals also may make sound or try to communicate with the other animals. They may yell or scream. Mammals can be either carnivores, herbivores or both. Some o
What are the most deadliest mammals in existence?
Many mammals are known to be a great companion; many of them are used as guards and pets. Although they like lions, tigers, bears, and many others are known to be deadly, most of them are ferocious and vicious only when hungry or provoked. Some of th
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