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What is the name for the collective of cats?
A group of cats is also called a clowder, which means that A is the answer to this question. There was a time when people just favored dogs over cats, but through the years, people have decided to get cats as pets because they think that they are les
Why do cats hate us?
There may be a lot of reasons your cat hates you, including forcing them into social interactions and holding them too tight. Cats are known for being independent, and one of their key needs involves allowing your cat to hide if she feels stressed, a
What do you tell the leader? You have just received a dream from starclan. They show you a grassy field with a lot of cats on it, but all you can make out is one clanmate that you always disagree...
Ask to talk alone with the clanmate and kill him when hes not looking.If your not sure about what the dream means you shouldnt jump to conclusions. You and your leader are supposed to work together to keep the clan safe, he may be able to help.
Which is the most peaceful 'big cat'?
Lions (Panthera leo) are the main true social cats and live in groups called prides, where every one of the females are connected and generally live with the pride forever. They can be moms, girls, grandmas, and sisters. Females do the majority of th