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A comprehensive database of bee quizzes online, test your knowledge with bee quiz questions. Our online bee trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top bee quizzes.

What’s black and yellow, buzzes around pollinating flowers and delivers sweet, nutritious honey? You’re close but not close enough. We’re talking about our Bee Quizzes. Take on the next sample questions and see if you’re stingy enough to compete against our top challenges: “What’s the number of bees usually found in a bee hive?”, “Which species of wasps is considered the most aggressive in the world?”, “Who was the leading voice actor in “Bee movie”?”, “What danger does a bee sting cause to an allergic human?”.

If you’ve answered these questions you’re half way there. Head over to our honey stash and get yourself a sweet reward. You deserve it. Keep an eye out, though. The queen might find your intrusiveness a threat.

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