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What is the difference between Bees and Yellow Jackets?
Between the two, the yellow jackets are known to be more aggressive as compared to honey bees. Honey bees are known to create houses that they will place on trees while yellow jackets will usually place the nests underground. Yellowjackets can sting
Are Honey Bees warm or cold blooded?
Honey bees are cold blooded because their internal body heat changes due to the weather.
What happens if bees go extinct?
There are many people who do not like bees because they sting. Whenever they see a bee, they run away from them. However, there are many reasons that bees should be around. It would be terrible if bees went extinct. There are specific functions for c
How many times per minute does a honeybee flap its wings?
Turns out bee flight mechanisms are more exotic than thought. "The honeybees have a rapid wing beat," Altshuler told LiveScience. "In contrast to the fruit fly that has one eightieth the body size and flaps its wings200 timeseach secon