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The only surviving member of the genus Beatragus, Hirola is the world's rarest and most endangered antelope. Learn interesting facts and trivia about this creature with the amazing Hiriola quizzes online. 


If you, for some wacky reason, want to know what kind of insect you are, then go right ahead, take this quiz! Are you a bee? A spider? Fly? Caterpillar? Firefly?

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    How do you travel?

This is a quiz about pubic lice. pubic lice is contagious.

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    What Is pubic lice commonly called?

Take this questions

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Just look at the picture and enter in the correct name. Scientific names only.

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    How many wings does the order diptera have?

Learn about bugs.

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  • Sample Question
    Booklice can be found in books or paper stacks feeding on _____ ?

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Insect Questions & Answers

Which insect can live for weeks without its head before it starves to death?
Cockroaches can live without their heads for a long time before they starve to death. Like other animals they do not bleed to death after being decapitated, their necks gets sealed by clotting. Cockroaches do not need their brain to breathe. They hav
Which insect produces honey?
Bees are insects and are known for making honey. Several people have become beekeepers and bee farmers throughout the world. Since honey is needed for several recipes, these bee farmers make hundreds of thousands of dollars with their large trove of
What is the difference between Wasps and Hornets?
Many people do not know the difference between a wasp and hornet. This is because they look alike and are very similar in appearance. Hornets are the largest of eusocial wasps. Hornets are not as aggressive as wasps. The sting of a hornet can be fata
Why do mosquitoes even exist?
With 3,500 species of mosquito, , one would trust that they would all be on the chase for human blood. Shockingly, there are just a hundred couple of species that nibble or are of any sort of threat to people. As it were, out of the couple of hundred