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This one is as big as it gets. Our Dinosaur quizzes are sure to grab your attention. Just make sure to get all the answers right before they go extinct. Build a strong compound and arm yourself with lots of courage, because our challenges will find a way to break free: “What was the biggest dinosaur ever to have roamed planet Earth?”, “How fast could a Velociraptor go?”, “What species wrecked havoc in the original Jurassic Park?”, “How many millions of years ago did dinosaurs go extinct?”.

These are just some of the earth shaking questions we’ve set up to put your dino-hobby to the test. Don’t be fooled though. You’ll need more than running skills to outrun a smart T-Rex. To learn more about the age in which dinosaurs roamed the Earth, check out our paleontology quizzes and fossil quizzes. Best of luck! 

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