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Did you know what was the biggest dinosaur ever to have roamed planet Earth?” Did you know what species wreaked havoc in the original Jurassic Park?”

Take our online dinosaur quizzes to get this information and much more. To learn more about the age in which dinosaurs roamed the Earth, check out our paleontology quizzes and fossil quizzes.
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While dinosaurs came a long time before us humans, fossils and modern technology

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    What word best describes dinosaurs?

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    What size are you?

How Much Do You Know About the Mesozoic Era? If you know your history well, you must know that the Mesozoic era is the age of the dinosaurs, and it lasted millions of years before the mass extinction. This era includes three well...

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    What major event ended the Mesozoic Era ?

Dinosaurs were made awesome and popular by Steven Spielberg's 1993 movie Jurassic Park. Now it's spiritual successor franchise Jurassic World plans on releasing its own sequel in a few weeks. So before you walk into the...

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    Who discovered the Giganotosaurus in South America?

This trivia facts quiz is on Types of Dinosaurs! Other than trying to identify the lives that dinosaurs lived through their remains, there is a lot of things that still remain a mystery till today, and one of the stories that...

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    (Tyrannosaurus Rex) How many fingers did Tyrannosaurus have?


Dinosaur Questions & Answers

What kind of dinosaur is Barney?
T-Rex Most of us are pretty familiar with, and fond of every child’s favorite friendly dinosaur. You know the big jolly purple guy that carries around a make believe bag and teaches kids valuable life lessons in the most fun way possible. It m
How much did a full-grown T-Rex weigh?
On average, a full grown T-Rex weighed between 7-8 tons. However, many weighed less and some even weighed more. The largest, and most complete skeleton of a T-Rex to date has been nicknamed “Sue”. Sue is estimated to have weighed about 9
What dinosaur had the tiniest brain and was the dumbest dinosaur of all?
The Stegosaurus is known as the “dumbest dinosaur”. It had the smallest brain of all dinosaurs discovered. its brain was about the size of a walnut. Its brain was similar in size to a small cat or dog. These dinosaurs were heavily armored
What is the main diet of the Triceratops?
The Triceratops was a pretty intimidating looking dinosaur. It ranged from 25 to 30 feet long, nearly 10 feet tall and could be up to 26,000 pounds. The Triceratops also had those menacing looking horns protruding from its large head. However, the Tr
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