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Snakes, Crocodiles, Lizards, Dinosaurs, and Geckos- Do you have a favorite? Take our detailed online reptile quizzes to answer why reptiles are always cold, how dinosaurs are different from crocodiles and what was the largest reptile ever to have existed!

Please answer the following question to qualify for care and handling of the Bearded Dragon.

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    Bearded Dragons are orginally from:

This is a quiz about reptiles and which one you are most like.

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    What is your most favorite sport?

Quiz made to help with Zoology final exam. Includes general questions about reptiles.

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    Which is not a characteristic required to be a chordate?

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    Before and after handling reptiles should you wash your hands?

The Jamaican Rock Iguana is the largest native lizard species in the South American country. As its name suggests, this reptile lives in rocks and greatly endangered. This species of lizard spots a very attractive coloration...

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    When was the Jamaica Rock Iguana first considered an endangered species?

Reptile Questions & Answers

Which animal can't stick its tongue out and cannot chew as well?
Crocodiles are animals that people are very scared of. They should be. Getting too close to a crocodile could result in some deadly consequences. The main way that a crocodile kills its prey whether it be a human or other animal is by latching onto i
Can Lizards regenerate limbs and tails when necessary?
True and false out of all the species I know of none of them regenerate limbs but there are species of lizards as example a leopard gecko that will regenerate their tail but not all will like a bearded dragon if for some reason looses its tail it wil
What is the best ground surface material for the Bearded Dragon?
Newspaper is the safest out of them all because a bearded dragon could easily mistake play sand or calcium sand for food and ingest it. The sand will block the intestinal organs and could cause impaction. I highly recommend reptile grass or newspaper
Should you use a heat rock for Bearded Dragons?
No you shouldn't use a heat rock for your bearded dragon because bearded dragons do not take in heat from their bellys a bearded dragon can actually not sense when it's getting to hot on their belly cause it them to burn themselves with out them