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Snakes, Crocodiles, Lizards, Dinosaurs, and Geckos- Do you have a favorite? Take our detailed online reptile quizzes to answer why reptiles are always cold, how dinosaurs are different from crocodiles and what was the largest reptile ever to have existed!
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The reptile quiz.  

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    Reptile means...

Please answer the following question to qualify for care and handling of the Bearded Dragon.

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    Bearded Dragons are orginally from:

Quiz made to help with Zoology final exam. Includes general questions about reptiles.

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    Which is not a characteristic required to be a chordate?

Remember all that you read in the Reptiles True or False book to answers these questions.

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    What are the four groups of reptiles?

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    Before and after handling reptiles should you wash your hands?


Reptile Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Lizard and Reptile?
Lizards are a type of reptile, and most lizards have four limbs, are cold-blooded, and are carnivores. They have external ears, which is a feature that not all reptiles share. Lizards also have a distinctive feature called autonomy. They can ditch th
Which animal can't stick its tongue out and cannot chew as well?
Crocodiles are animals that people are very scared of. They should be. Getting too close to a crocodile could result in some deadly consequences. The main way that a crocodile kills its prey whether it be a human or other animal is by latching onto i
What is the difference between Python and King Cobra?
Have you wondered what these two are? These are snakes, and they do have some differences that you should know, especially if you plan on going to places wherein snakes are present. The King Cobra is known to be one of the poisonous if not the most v
What is a turtles beak made of?
The correct answer to this question is A, Keratin. It is apart of the family of proteins. Not only does it make up the turtle's beak, but it also keratin can also be found in hair, claws, and hooves. It protects epithelial cells from stress and damag
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