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“What's the most venomous species of snakes on the planet?” “What differentiates a rattle snake from the rest?”, “Where can one find a Black Mamba?” To get the answers to all these questions and many more explore our online snake quizzes.

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    What snake doesn't have to have a mate to lay eggs?

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    What is your favorite activity?

Perfect way to choose a snake!!🐍

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    How old are you?

How well do you know your snake? Take this simple quiz and find out!

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    How big of a meal should you feed?

This quiz will assess knowledge on snake facts. Students have focused on a unit including snakes in the reptile portion. Each student has studies different types of snakes and has already made a poster incorporating facts they...

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    What do snakes rely on to control their body temperature?


Snake Questions & Answers

How many Snakes are there in the world?
The closest answer here is between 2,780 and 2,790. However, the most correct answer is closer to 3,000 than either of those numbers. Only about 300 of these different species of snakes are poisonous. That means the likelihood of being around a venom
What is the difference between Python and Boa?
A boa is a non-venomous snake, located in Central and South America, including Mexico, Madagascar, and Reunion island. Boa constrictors grow to be about 4 meters in length, making it the longest bodied of their species, and they give birth to live yo
What is the difference between venomous and poisonous?
Venom and Poison are both toxic substances. All things considered, a few animals are called venomous and others are poisonous. The main distinction between being called poisonous or venomous is standing out these animals convey the destructive substa
Do snakes possess ears?
No, snakes don't have ears. Some might believe that snakes really possess ears and some assume that snakes don’t have ears and eardrums like other animals. But, the fact is that snakes don’t have external ears. However, that doesn't mean
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