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  • How much do you like attention?
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  • How much do you need your friends
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  • Have you ever gossiped about your friends?
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  • The stonefish looks like a stone. Its venom causes excruciating pain and can be fatal. What is the BEST way to avoid stepping on a stonefish?

  • The Yellow-lipped sea krait is commonly seen on our Southern shores. It has a highly toxic venom that can be fatal. What is the BEST way to avoid being bitten by this snake?

  • Stingrays are common on our shores. Most stingrays have one to four spines, often near the base of the tail (where the tail joins the body). These spines are serrated and can cut deeply and introduce venom into the wound that can cause excruciating pain. What is the BEST way to avoid being stung by a ray?

  • If you were confronted by an angry person that stuck his or her finger in your chest repeatedly would you...

  • If you come home and find your house on fire and your significant other and child are in the house would you...

  • If you saw someone drowning while you were suntanning at the lake would you...

  • In relation to animals, what does the term domestic mean?

  • An elephant is a domestic animal.

  • Why would farmers domesticate animals before there were machines?