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Howling at the moon, hunting in packs and stirring up human imagination for millenniums. The wolf makes a great comeback in our sharp toothed quiz. It’s furry, vicious and won’t back down in front of your calculated moves: What country possesses the largest population of wolves on the planet? When were wolves first domesticated? What’s their favorite animal to hunt down? Where does the legend of the moon howling wolves stem from? What are wolves most prized for by hunters?

If you hold the answers to these and many more other questions, you’re in luck. It means our predatory companion possesses no danger to the likes of your superior intellect. Hunt down every challenge and prove you’re as fierce as they say you are.

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  • All right. You are walking in the forest when you spot one of the three sacred jewels. What do you do?

  • Okay, good choice. You are sleeping in your den when the wolf you have a crush on licks your ear and says: I love you, be my mate. You respond:

  • What is your favorite color?

  • What is your favorite time to eat?

  • What best describes your personality?

  • Do you like to be the leader?

  • Do you like to let others have the first bite of food? Or do you like to have the first bite?

  • Do you like to howl with others or by yourself?

  • What do you do most of the time?
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  • What color are your eyes?
    Wolf question from

  • If you were a dire-wolf, what color of fur would you "die" to have?
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