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Have you ever wondered what makes a horse a horse? And when is it not a horse, but a pony? And speaking of which, how many kinds of horses and ponies are there? If you have, then you may have to gallop through the internet and find out. Or do you think you know the answers? Well, saddle your mind up and get ready to run through these quizzes.

With questions that range from cowboys and the wild west to show-jumping and dressage, there's something for both boys and girls, men and women. But be careful, don't get thrown off course or end up kicking the floor in frustration...just remember to keep seated and you’ll find you’ll get 10 out of 10! Well, what are you waiting for? Charge!

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  • What is the order of the brushes you use on a horse?

  • A castrated horse is called a _________

  • What do you think of this test?

  • Its summer, and you have just arrived home from the field with your horse. What do you do next?

  • What are the three types of bedding you can get?

  • How often should your horses hooves be shoed/trimmed/checked by the farrier?

  • What was the name of John Lyons beloved Appaloosa?   This horse was 28 years old when he passed away a few years ago.   This horse spent the last 8 years of his life totally blind, and yet continued to perform at top level for John.  - a true testiment of the trust that can built                                       .
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  •    Little Joes Horse:  I hold this horse solely responsible for my horse fantacism that started in the 60s and continues today.   "Cochise" was the beautiful black and white Pinto ridden my Michael Landon in Bonanza.   Heres the question:During the 14 seasons that the show was aired, how many different horses were ridden  as "Cochise" ?  -- this includes stunt horses.
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  • Man OWar was born in 1917.  He is known as the #1 Race Horse in the top 100 list for the 20th century.  He sired many champions during his 30 year life and was grandsire to the more recently famous "Seabiscuit".                                               Which of the following Triple-Crown winners were sired by Man OWar? 
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  • What is a MARE?

  • What is a stallion?

  • What is a colt ?