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Gallup to the finish line in this trivia quiz about the equestrian world of horse racing! With a deep history that dates back to Babylonia, Greece, and Egypt, there aren't many cultures that haven’t been impacted by the sport of the Gods. Today, across the United States hundreds of betting men and women head to the track to suss out the individual characteristics that make a horse a winner in today’s horse races.

With our exciting trivia quizzes, you can become a winner, get the inside advantage on your competitors and learn everything there is to know about equestrian racing. As always, share your score with your friends and invite them to take a shot at beating your high score in classic trivia fashion!

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  • A white marking on a horse's forehead is called a:
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  • A breed of horse that originated in America from one foundation stallion was the:
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  • The pony with Arabian and Quarter horse characteristics and Appaloosa coloring is called a:
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  • Have you ever been on a horse?
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  • Which do you prefer?
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  • In which order do you tack up a horse?
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  • Who won the inaugural Breeders Cup Special Stakes at Gulfstream in 1986?

  • December 9, 1985 the Breeders Cup Board of Directors votes to run the Breeders Cup race for two consecutive years (1986 and 1987) where?

  • The Breeders Cup was hosted in what park in 1987?

  • What year did the Thoroughbred Racing Association formally recognize the Triple Crown races?

  • From 1987 to 1993 a 1 million dollar bonus was given based on a point system in the Triple Crown, who won it in 1993?

  • Who rode Sir Barton to Triple Crown victory?