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Grab your Nike’s, and lace up for a quick run through this trivia quiz. Ranging from the olympics, to your home town, you’ll find something relevant to your running experience in these running trivia quizzes. A true athlete tests their endurance in a long, excruciating match of skill against other runners. Hit the wall with your favorite runner, and learn some new information about one of America’s favorite sports.

A true olympic sport, running could never be summed up in a simple sentence. That’s why you can now take a challenging course with your friends and family, put your knowledge to the test, and have fun learning something new about every aspect of running. Take a run at these trivia quizzes today!

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    Geoffrey Mutai set a course record for the New York City Marathon on Sunday, crossing the finish line in two hours, five minutes, and six seconds. What is his nationality?

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    Which of the following is proper running form?

Running celebrities are everywhere.  If you were a running celebrity, who would you be?

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    After a good run, what do you like to do to relax?

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    How are treadmills different from elliptical machines?

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    Research shows that runners who log more than 50 miles a week can double their risk of illness, especially upper respiratory illness.

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Running Questions & Answers

When injured, sore, ill or fatigued I modify my training?
True-developing self awareness is a vital skill for runners. in the early stages some runners stop running due to soreness and pain. often this is due to the normal training effect or can be as a result of wrong shoes or doing too much too quickly.