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Olympics Questions & Answers

Why are Olympics held at an interval of 4 years?
Every four years, the Summer Olympics are held and every four years the Winter Olympics are held. When the Modern Olympics began in 1896, the games for both summer and winter were held during the same year, but in different locations. However, in 199
Who makes a sports event qualified to be included in the Olympics?
Over time there have been sports that have been tried to be included in the Olympics and some sports have been taken out. Ultimately, the International Olympics Committee is responsible for making the decisions about which sports will be included in
Why are Russian athletes prohibited from representing their national flag in Summer and winter Olympics?
Generally speaking, Russia was banned from the Olympics due to doping. Evidence arose that as many as 1,000 Russian athletes were using enhancing drugs that were not allowed to be used during the Olympics. These drugs would unfairly strengthen their
Why is the African continent represented by a black and not a blue ring on the Olympics flag?
The Olympic rings on the Olympic flag represent the continents. Even though there are seven continents, Antarctica is not represented and both Americas are considered one continent. It is believed that Europe is represented by the color blue, Asia is