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Auto racing is a great thrill for many people around the world. In America there is an entire professional sports league dedicated to auto racing known as NASCAR. But in other parts of the world auto racing takes place at various levels. People can train as beginners all the way up to professionals. They get to work on their skill on many professional grade tracks.

In parts of Europe, some of the most famed and prized tracks are available for auto racing which make them the envy of other countries. People from all over can come to these tracks and rent vehicles with which they can drive the same track as the professionals. If you know all about auto racing and you are among some of the biggest fans of the industry, then take your chances by completing one of our many quizzes. 


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    Which of these was the largest sporting facility in 2004?

Auto racing is a motorsport involving the racing of automobiles for competition. Automobile racing began soon after the invention of the gasoline- fueled internal-combustion engine in the 1880s. What else do you know about...

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    How many wins did Jeff Gordon get in the Nextel Cup Series between 1997 and 1998?

Take this quiz to learn more about auto racing!

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    How many separate V8 Supercar Championships are held each year?

Take this fun auto racing quiz and discover how much you really know

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    Which drivers finished second and third place in the 1997 Craftsman Truck Series?

How much do you know about auto racing? Test your knowledge now!

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    What driving technique is used to create an advantage on superspeedways?