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An adorable creature who loves being in the mud- a pig is a very peaceful animal with a tremendous sense of smell. Take the online pig quizzes and share with your friends to see how much you really know about this creature
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Pigs in some religious books have been termed as unclean and therefore should not be reared or consumed by human beings. Pigs are fatty with beautiful skin. How well do you know the history, belief and stories behind this...

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    Can pigs get sunburn?

There are different guinea pigs breeds and the most common is the American guinea pig. In biology class we got to cover the different breeds and how to identify them based on their appearance. How well do you know your guinea pig...

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    What is a one colour guinea pig called??

Fauquier County Stockmen's and Livestock Judging Swine Breed ID Practice Attention: Be sure to enter your name when you begin the quiz to recieve credit for your work.Be sure to carefully read the details of correct answers...

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Guinea pigs are one of the most common pets in households and this is due to their size and cuteness. Most parents use these pets to teach their kids how to be responsible and are easy to tame. It is also known that they can be...

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    If a guinea pig has 14 toes then how many toes do 2 guinea pig's have?

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    The term "weaning" describes:

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Pig Questions & Answers

What is physically impossible for pigs to do?
Why the Pigs cannot look at the sky in a standing position. Their necks are not flexible enough to let them look upwards at the sky. Unless the roll over with their backs on the ground, it is physically impossible for pigs to gaze at the sky.
What is the difference between Baby Back and Spare Ribs?
Baby back ribs and spare ribs are usually pig meat, which is pork. They are popularly eaten in Asia and North America, and they are either grilled, baked, or smoked. A major difference between the baby back ribs and the spare ribs in the region of th
What is the difference between Pig and Boar?
A pig is a mammal that has cloven hooves, a stocky body, flat snout adapted for digging. The word “pig” denotes a genus of mammals, also referred to as swine. They have large ears, small eyes, and their snout can move independently of the
What is a Baby Pig called?
Baby pigs are called piglets - like the little pig in “Winnie the Pooh” books and movies. Pigs are often referred to as swine, hogs, or pigs, and a mother might be called a sow. Often, piglets are only born twice a year. A domestic piglet
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