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What is physically impossible for pigs to do?
Why the Pigs cannot look at the sky in a standing position. Their necks are not flexible enough to let them look upwards at the sky. Unless the roll over with their backs on the ground, it is physically impossible for pigs to gaze at the sky.
What is the difference between Baby Back and Spare Ribs?
Baby back ribs and spare ribs are usually pig meat, which is pork. They are popularly eaten in Asia and North America, and they are either grilled, baked, or smoked. A major difference between the baby back ribs and the spare ribs in the region of th
If a guinea pig has 14 toes then how many toes do 2 guinea pig's have?
A guinea pig has 4 toes in the front and 3 in the back so the real answer in 2 guinea pig' have 14 toes
What is the guinea pig's scientific name?
The answer is B.) Cavia porcellus. Guinea pigs are sometimes called cavy because of their scientific name. It is from the small rodent family that is mostly found in the Andes Mountains. They were at first farmed as food but when the Spaniards arrive