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Countless species in the world have become extinct in the past decades and some are likely to become extinct in the near future. Answer the endangered species quizzes online with instant feedback answers to know what can be done to save as many animals as we can.
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Do You Know About Endangered Species? If you love nature, you must have a clue about the different animals that are facing the threat of extinction due to changes in their environment or threats. They have no control over. What...

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    Which is not a factor that leads to extinction?

This quiz is about endangered species.

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    Which of the following options is not a cause for a species to become endangered?

Below is an Endangered Animals Trivia Questions Quiz. Here are a lot of animals on the earth, and each of them has a feature that makes them unique from other animals. Just how much do you know the animals that are considered...

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    What is the top speed of a cheetah?

Welcome to the trivia fact quiz on Endangered Sea Creatures! Different substances affect the animals that live within the seas, but one of the biggest threats is human activities. Do you know which creatures are at risk of being...

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    How much does the Largetooth Sawfish weigh?

It's time to answer some cool and interesting questions about endangered species!

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    The Golden Lion Tamarind Monkey is a/an:

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Endangered Species Questions & Answers

What is 'functional extinction'?
Functional extinction is a term that is used to describe a certain type of extinction. Certain factors must take place in order for the species of animals can be described as functional extinction. These factors include that the animal does not even
What is the difference between Threatened and Endangered Species?
There are thousands of thousands of living organisms in our environment, varying from animals to plants and to the smallest microorganisms. These living entities in their own group form balanced feeding enablement for the general ecosystem in the for
What does 'Extinct in the Wild' mean?
Extinct in the wild is a term given by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. It categorizes animals that do not exist in nature by themselves, but only in conservatories or reserves. Basically, very few of animals with this label are al
Why is poaching so popular?
Poaching is illegal yet popular in almost every area of the world. Unfortunately, there are several reasons for this. The first reason being the fact that many developing nations don't have opportunities for work and to make a living—those that
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