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How much do you know about invertebrates apart from the fact that they have no backbones? Did you know that there are hundreds of them living in your house right now? Now that you’re here, discover a range of online invertebrate quizzes that can help you learn about these creatures.
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How well do you know the inverbrates in Kingdom Animalia?

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    A sponge belongs to this phylum.

What is the role of the backbone in living organisms? Most of us just know that it supports the body structure. However, there is more. The invertebrates and vertebrates quiz below has more insight. All the best.

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    Animals are...

Quiz for Final.

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    The age of the Burgess shale fauna is mainly __________.

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    The cells of all animals are organized into structural and functional units called tissues, EXCEPT:

This quiz will test student’s basic knowledge of invertebrates and vertebrates.

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  • Sample Question
    Vertebrates have a backbone.

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Invertebrate Questions & Answers

What is an invertebrate?
The word 'invertebrate' is a biological term which refers to an animal that does not have a backbone ( vertebral column). This is actually what differentiates a vertebrate from an invertebrate. Invertebrates are also a part of the animal kingdom, and
What are the characteristics of invertebrates?
If only what you know about invertebrates is that they are animals without a backbone, then you should know that there are other characteristics of invertebrates that you can use to differentiate them from vertebrates. First, Invertebrates do not hav
Are invertebrates rare?
Invertebrates are very common in nature; in fact, I'm very sure you have seen so many of them today. Generally, the Animal Kingdom is divided into two; the vertebrates and invertebrates. Out of the two, the invertebrates constitute about 95 percent o
What is another name for a stinkbug?
The full name for a stink bug is the brown marmorated stink bug. It is found primarily in China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan. However, it seems that the bug can be found throughout the world because many people believe they see a stink bug all the time.
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