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Are you an amphibian aficionado? Then why not challenge yourself with our amphibian trivia quizzes? From frogs to salamanders, news to toads, and mudpuppies to waterdogs, our amphibian quizzes will keep you guessing! We’re proud to offer fine quizzes on a variety of subjects and topics, and amphibians are no exception—from the scaly to the slimy, we’ve got all sorts of questions to tickle your fancy. Can you tell the difference between a frog and a toad?

Do you remember the parts of amphibians used in the witches’ brew in Macbeth? What kind of amphibian was Dan’l Webster? If you can ace these amphibian questions, you’re ready to challenge yourself with our amphibian trivia. So hop to it! Try our trivia quizzes today.

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  • Deep-pitched "rumm, rumm, rumm" or "ru-uu-umm, ru-u-uumm." 

  • High musical trill lasting up to 30 seconds (averageof 10-15 seconds).

  • A hearty, resonating trill. Faster trill than the Gray Treefrog. 

  • Amphibians are unique because their larva spend most of their lives in/on ______ and the adults spend most of the lives in/on _____

  • How do Caecilians locate their prey?

  • As a larva, amphibians mostly eat _____. As an adult they mostly eat_____.

  • Amphibians are cold blooded. 
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  • Which amphibian jumps? 
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  • which one is an example of an amiphibian?
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  • What contributes the most to habitat destruction?

  • What percent of all amphibians are threatened with extinction?

  • What popular chemical herbicide is facing possibility of a ban?