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Find out which animal you are at work and how you communicate in the workplace zoo!

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    How do you feel about late people?

You have just read about the many different animals in our zoo.  Below are some characteristics of  the animals.  Use the characteristics to determine which animal they belong to. Have Fun!!

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    I eat zebras and wildebeests.I live in groups called "Prides."I have a mane.Who Am I?

The zoos are a treat to visitors. The Mandai Zoo and the Night Safari are worthwhile visiting. Take a quiz and find out what you really know about the two zoos. You have 40 min to answer all questions.

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    Mandai Zoo was opened to the public in

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    You will be assisting A Plus Student Staffing with representing what company at the Houston Zoo?

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    The replication of lagging strands of DNA differs from the replication of leading strands in that:

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How do you increase genetic diversity?
Crossing over (meiosis 1) independent assortment of homologes fertilization gene mutation chromosomal charge