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Take a trip under the sea and test your knowledge of the unknown aquatic frontier with our marine biology trivia questions! We offer the finest trivia quizzes to be found anywhere, and our marine biology trivia is sure to pique your interest! We offer a wide variety of top trivia questions, including in marine biology. We can guarantee you’ll enjoy the depths of our trivia!

Did you know the Bluefin tuna can reach 14 feet long and weigh 1,600 pounds? Or that some starfish can have more than 20 arms? Did you know a seahorse can move both of its eyes independently? Or that a clam has a heart, but no brain? You’ll need your brain to solve these trivia quizzes! Challenge yourself and your friends today!
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    All of the following are basic examples of abiotic factors except

What do you know about this discipline? How broad is your knowledge?  Have you taken a course? Take this quiz to test how deep your knowledge runs. Have fun.

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    It is the scientific study of

The Struggle's real guys. but we're past halfway!

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    The energy source for the bacteria that thrive around deep sea hydrothermal vents is:

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    The August offer 1940 was aimed at.

How Well Do You Actually Know About a Reptiles? The waters are home to a lot of living organisms, and some of the most interesting are the reptiles. Do you know which ones can be found in freshwater and salty water and their...

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    Marine Reptiles all

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Marine Biology Questions & Answers

What kind of animals live within the sediment of the sea bottom?
The correct answer to this question is B. Infauna burrow into bottom sediments. Worms, clams and other infauna form their own communities that are connected to the water by tubes and tunnels. A healthy infaunal community contains many different speci
Can you fill in the blank?The intertidal zone is the area _____
Incorrect, intertidal is above water a low tide and below water at high tide. Subtidal means under tidal, which would at all times be beneath the tide, if we are to represent intertidal as between subtidal and another zone, it would be between shore
Which zone is in the ocean where there is some light but not enough for photosynthesis?
Abyssal zone has NO light, aphotic is literally translated as not well lit. Should be aphotic.
What marine lifestyle part a great white shark wil be?
Nekton nekton nekton nekton nekton
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