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What is an educated statement that could be tested called?
An educated statement is known as a hypothesis. If you are about to do a science experiment, you first need to follow the steps in a science experiment. First, you need to write a science question that you want to be answered. Then you must create a hypothesis. This allows you to guess what you think will happen. The theory may not, and it may not be proven. That is okay. Then you experiment. You need to gather your participants or materials. Then it may take a few days to finish the experiment based on what you are doing. However, it could take months or even years. Next, create your results and analyze them. After looking at the results, you need to draw your conclusions.
What are three ways that microbes help in food production and industrial uses?
Bacteria help in dairy production, Algae helps with petroleum production, and Yeast is in the production of bread.
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