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We’re proud to offer some of the finest trivia quizzes available about human biology. From the skeletal system to the nervous system and everything in between, our trivia questions will test the limits of your knowledge of human biology. Challenge yourself or challenge your friends today.

The human body is an amazing system, no matter on what level you look at it. From the DNA in our cells to the basic anatomy and physiology of our makeup, the human body is a fascinating subject. By testing your knowledge of human biology, you’re sure to learn fascinating facts about the body and what it can do. Like all of our trivia quizzes, our human biology quiz is sure to keep you on your toes and challenge your mind!
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Biology is the realm of science which deals with any and all things regarding life. You see a dog running through the park or a bumblebee buzzing around some flowers, biology covers it all, and in this quiz, we’re going to...

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    What is An  Habitat?

This is part of Exam 1.

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    One characteristic of lipids is:

The purpose of this quiz is to identify and describe each component of the cell and its function.

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    The cell component that contains dna and controls thecellular activity is the

This is the practice test (from last year?) for the Final.

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    If the neutrons in a nucleus of an atom are more numerous than the number of protons in the nucleas, then:

This is over exam 3.

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    A tendon is indicated by arrow number _____?

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Human Biology Questions & Answers

What is one of the characteristics of lipids?
They are usually non-polar.
Does a root anchor the plant to the soil?
How can the answer be soil because soil is already there in the question
What is true about the atomic number and the atomic weight of an element?
1. Do not count the weight of electrons.2. Both include the weight of the protons of the element.
What can one say that in the cross XAXa x XaY? Assume A is normal vision, a is colorblind vision.
Won't the XaY male individual be colorblind since males have only one X chromosome to express the gene?