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    You can leave the BuySeasons campus for breaks.

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    You can leave the BuySeasons campus for breaks.

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    What is a Massive Compact Halo Object (MACHO)?

Read The following questions and answer all the mcq questions . Do not leave blank , all the questions will be related to singapore population distribution and density in singapore.

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    What is population ?

A normal distribution is a term in probability theory, which is a very common continuous probability distribution. Take this test to assess your knowledge of normal distribution.

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    What is the area under a standard normal curve? 

Distribution Questions & Answers

What is added to the overhead lines in a distribution system that has both underground cables and overhead lines, to divide the load equally?
Shunt Capacitors Capacitance is far greater for underground cables, where the conductors and ground are very close. The capacitance produces reactive power. To balanace the load the underground and overhead lines Vars should be matched to balance th
What is used to stabilize a long transmission line voltage that is highly loaded?
Shunt CapacitorsShunt reactors are used in power systems to counteract the effect of the line parasitic capacitance, thereby stabilizing the system voltage within acceptable limits. For short lines, we can basically ignore the impact of capacitive cu
Wholesalers fall into the following categories:
Commission merchants, agents, and brokers Merchant wholesalers (also known as distributors or jobbers) Manufacturers’ sales branches and sales officesSee page 402 in Business (Pride, Hughes, & Kapoor, 2014).