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Forecasting Questions and Answers

  • Which of the following provides the backbone of marketing?

  • The types of sales forecasting include

  • Macro forecasting is concerned with forecasting markets in

  • Which of the following is the most important short-term planning activity performed by front office managers?
    Forecasting question from

  • Which of the following statistics helps the front office manager decide whether to sell rooms to walk-in guests on nights when the hotel nears full occupancy?
    Forecasting question from

  • The percentage of overstays is equal to:
    Forecasting question from

  • It is recommended that Forecasts Administrators plan carefully before setting up their time periods in the forecasts configuration, because they will not be able to change them after completing the setup.      
    Forecasting question from

  • Some functionality outside of forecasts will not be activated until after an administrator has set up forecasts.  
    Forecasting question from

  • Opportunities with multiple Revenue Line Items are a feature of which flavors of Sugar?  
    Forecasting question from

  • A sales rep has been working with a customer for a large opportunity to close in the following month.  The sales rep has completed a demo and has just provided a quote to the customer.  Which sales stage should be selected for the opportunity?

  • A sales rep has been working with a customer to close a large opportunity this month.  The sales rep has submitted a quote to the customer and revised it based on configuration requirements provided by the Sales Rep and received a verbal that we have won the business.  The final paperwork has been submitted to the customer for signature.  Which sales stage should be selected for the opportunity?

  • A sales rep has been working with a customer to close a large opportunity this month.  The sales rep has submitted all signed paperwork to Order Administration.  Which sales stage should be selected for the opportunity?

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