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  • To calculate an employee’s time-and-a-half pay rate

  • Which of the following is NOT a step in finding the gross wages for an employee who has worked both regular time and overtime hours?

  • Which of the following describes how to calculate net pay?

  • For a data, if mean > median then its distribution is

  • In a positively skewed distribution 

  • As the regression line equation is y = ax + b, where b is 

  • The value of x after solving the following linear equation is                                               -2x + 6 = 4x - 2
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  • Sum of annuity is always 
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  • How many arrangements can be made of the letter BUSINESS 
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  • If 500 tablets of Ibuprofen 200 mg cost $250 and the percentage mark-up on a prescription is 15, what wil be the retail cost of 30 tablets of Ibruprofin?
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  • If a bottle of antacid costs $3.25, what is the retail price for 12 bottles?
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  •          Your pharmacy in Ohio adds a 35% Markup over wholesale on prescription drugs. Additionally, a dispensing fee of $4.82 is charged per order. The wholesale price of drug 'H' is $1620.00 per/1000. Local sales tax is 8.5%. A customer has presented an order for #30 drug 'H'. If they are paying cash, what will their final cost be upon pick-up?  Prescription drugs are exempt from sales tax in Ohio.         
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