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Do you love cars? Are you willing to put your knowledge of the automotive industry to test? These quizzes are the opportunity you’ve been looking for! Show off your grease monkey knowledge by answering some of the most interesting automotive questions. Buckle up, people! We’re going on one heck of a ride! 

How many wheels were there on the Dodge T-Rex concept truck? What is the name of the Ferrari's first sports car that could touch over 198 mph? In which year was the first Chevrolet Corvette produced? Which car designer helped Chrysler get back on its feet in 1955? Which competition did Ford role out to counter the Corvette? What is unusual about the 1938 Phantom Corsair? Do you think you have the answers to questions like these? Prove it now!

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  • When is it safe to run in the auto shop?
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  • When tightening lug nuts on a wheel , you should use a_______________________.
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  • When raising or lowering a hoist, who is responsible to insure no one is under the vehicle?
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  • What will happen if your catalytic converter is going bad?

  • What will happen if your constant velocity or cv joint is going bad?

  • What will happen if you place the spark plug wires out of origional order?

  • Unlike internal combustion engines, external combustion engines require a --

  • Engines transform heat energy to --

  • In an internal combustion engine, burning fuel within an enclosed cylinder results in the expansion of gases. This expansion creates pressure that --

  • For every two strokes made by the piston, the crankshaft ---

  • The position of the piston at the instant its motion changes from down to up is known as ---

  • Th position of the piston at the instant its motion changes from up to down is known as ---