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Can you tell (by heart!) the story of why Henry Ford had to tear down one of the walls in his workshop after inventing the Quadricycle? Do you live in Detroit, but give your address as “The Motor City” when asked? Can you name not only the Big Three car manufacturers, but also a model of car for every letter from Acura to Zephyr? Does trying to figure out what’s going on under your car’s hood fill you with glee rather than anxiety?

If you bleed transmission fluid and breathe nothing but the finest temperature-controlled and conditioned air, you should put the pedal to the metal and take our quiz on the amazing automobile and prove that you really do know the difference between a carburetor and a crankshaft!

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  • What is the most important thing you should do EVERY TIME when you first get to the car?

  • What is the rule about petrol?

  • If I have an accident, and havent chosen to reduce my excess, how much will I be charged?

  • A limited-slip differential is a desirable feature because:
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  • Of the following fluids, which one is not found in your engine?
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  • Which of the following tasks is performed when you take your Ford in for an oil change?
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  • What part of a car holds the electricity?

  • The battery is made of lead, water and

  • Where does the current go when the key is turned?

  • What was a major result of Henry Ford’s innovative manufacturing techniques?
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  • The demand for automobiles in the 1920s 
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  • How was Henry Ford able to reduce the sale price of the Model T?  
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