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Everyone has travelled on some form of transport in their lives, whether it is taking the bus to work, or flying on a plane to some exotic destination. But how much do you really know about the transport that you’re using and its history? Do you know who the Wright Brothers were?

Do you know which the busiest airport in the world is? Take one of our transport quizzes and you’ll be able to find out how much knowledge you really have about transport. If you think you’re an expert on the Japanese Bullet Train, or you know what the Oasis of the Seas is, then take a trip around your brain as you think of the answers to one of our testing transport quizzes. 

Plants transport their nutrients through either osmosis or diffusion. We covered these two processes in class today and the teacher is to give you a test on them in the next class. Take up the review questions before your...

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    The sodium-potassium pump requires energy to move sodium and potassium ions across the cell membrane.  Which of these describes the process used by the sodium-potassium pump?

A quiz on Transport in Plants...

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    Which of these is not a reason why plants need a transport system?

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    When is shifting gears in a passenger transport vehicle prohibited?

Look at the picture. Write the correct word in the space provided.

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Find out what scooter you are

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    Street or park riding

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Transport Questions & Answers

Which process creates glucose using energy from the sun in animal cells?
No such process exists. No such process exists.No such process exists.No such process exists.No such process exists.No such process exists.No such process exists.No such process exists.No such process exists.No such process exists.No such process exi
What is the difference between Trains and Trams?
People who use public transportation often will become familiar with trains and trams. These are both transportations that make use of the railway system. The tram is just something that passes through tramways. Trams are known to be more common alon