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  • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) concern which of the following aspects of an organization’s behavior, performance or impacts?  (check all that apply)

  • Sustainability professionals are concerned with managing business activities in the context of declining natural resources (fresh water, fossil fuels, arable land, clean air, precious metals, forests, fish stocks) and ecosystem services and increasing demand for these.

  • The global population is predicted to grow to X by 2050.

  • CSR is a companys contribution to sustainability

  • Which concerns does CSR address?

  • Which of the following stakeholders are interested in CSR?

  • Who is a customer?
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  • Why is Customer Service so important?
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  • In terms of customers, people you work with every day are known as a(n)
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  • In order to be a trustworthy and professional Sales Person, it is important to have product knowledge. Which Statement is true:
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  • A sales lead occurs when:
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  • Solicitation is a key part of being a succesful CSR. Some ways you can solicit at a store level include:
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