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We complain about how it’s run but we cannot do without it. What am I talking about? Business, of course. Central to business is industry, which refers to the production of a good or service in an economy. Buying a new coat? That’s a good in the economy. How about getting your nails done at the salon? That’s a service.
A variety of goods and services are necessary to keep an economy running smoothly. The manufacturing process is central to the industry of goods and services, as is trade between and within countries. How much do you know about industry? Can you detail the manufacturing process and trade agreements? Separate the goods from the services in these quizzes about industry. 

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  •   America's coal-fired power plants are responsible for what percentage of our nation's mercury air pollution?
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  •   If every household in the U.S. replaced just three 60-watt incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient compact florescent bulbs, the pollution savings would be like taking how many cars off the road?
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  •   Carbon dioxide (CO2) traps heat in the Earth's atmosphere. Burning dirty fossil fuels, like coal and oil, releases CO2. Knowing these facts, Nobel-prize winning chemist Svante Arrhenius first proposed the concept of global warming in the year:
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  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above thirteen thousand on Tuesday for the first time since when?

  • The movie industry feted itself at the eighty-fourth Academy Awards on Sunday. Which movie won the award for Best Original Song, and what was the name of the song? 

  • On Wednesday, North Korea agreed to suspend nuclear-weapons tests and uranium-enrichment programs in exchange for what?

  • Question For You:    Which weighs the most?
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  • Question For You:    A customer pays $3.00 for an item that costs $2.60. How much change should the customer receive?
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  • Question For You:    In alphabetical order, which order is correct?
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  • When can a crane be operated outside of its capacity?  

  • What is considered a “Critical Lift”?

  • When are we required to use an On the Spot Lift Plan (pick the best answer)?