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Do you know all there is to know about protecting the planet? Good! Because EDF likes to partner with Eco-Brainiacs that can help lead a revolution. The Clean Energy...

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      America's coal-fired power plants are responsible for what percentage of our nation's mercury air pollution?

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    The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above thirteen thousand on Tuesday for the first time since when?

Assessment Description:-Assess basic industrial skills. Like industrial math, workplace problem solving, workplace measurement skills, weights and measurements, industrial safety, etc.

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    Question For You:    Which weighs the most?

A crane is a massive type of construction machine which is equipped with rope and wires that are used to lift or move heavy loads horizontally. But there are certain risks and hazards while handling a crane during construction...

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    When can a crane be operated outside of its capacity?  

A wood lathe is a tool used in woodwork, which rotates the workpiece on an axis so as to create an object with symmetry. The person operating it can perform tasks such as cutting, knurling, sanding, drilling, facing and turning.

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    Name PartA.

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Industry Questions & Answers

Who invented the bagless vacuum cleaner?
B is the answer to this question. There are a lot of people who like this a lot because they know that the bags of the vacuum cleaners are just tough to replace. It can be very dusty and dirty that people do not want to get exposed to it. In spite o
What is required if you suspect a foreign client of having $5k or more in undeclared money?
D is the answer to this question. You should first understand what SAR means. This stands for Suspicious Activity Reporting. This means that if you detect that there are some inconsistencies with the facts that you have received so far, you can file
What section must he abide by a company wants to buy back stocks? 
The section one must abide when he or she decides to buy back stocks is Section 10b-18. This law reduces liability and gives companies and their associates a safe harbor when the company or their affiliate repurchase the common stock of the company&r
Which analytics tool can help determining the issue? The management at Universal Containers noticed the lead conversion ratio has remained the same for the hospitality industry despite an...
The correct answer to this question is B. Lead creation, also called lead generation, is the act of finding interested customers for your product or service. An increase in lead creation means more interested customers. The lead conversion rate equal