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When did the world witness its first industrialized city? What was the name of a secret society that sought to destroy the new machines and inventions that had replaced the human workers? The "industrial revolution" is said to have started in which country? memory is so spotty! Well, can you help us find out more about the Industrial Revolution? Let’s take this tour and see how familiar you are with the important developments in this trait! Let's turn the pages of history and find out. Start your engine and have a blast with our quizzes! 

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Directions: Matching Match each item in Column A with an item in Column B.

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    Seekers of new business opportunities

Industrialization and Nationalism Chapter 19 A

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    Developed a steam engine that could drive machinery

-Industrialization in Europe 19th Century-Social Consequences of Industrial Revolution-Second Revolution

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    In England, Quakers were free to engage in entrepreneurial activity without interference.

Industrialization and Nationalism Chapter 19

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     production clone by individuals in their homes

Industrialization brought with it a lot of changes in the economy in that there was an increase in the production of products as well as a boost for the economy. Are you looking for some trivia questions on the history of...

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    What does industrialization mean?

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Industrialization Questions & Answers

Voting rights for all adult men
There is an error in the quiz. The question is voting rights for all adult men, which is also repeated later in the quiz. The question needs to be revised for the answer "principle of intervention"
What was the importance of the steam engine to Britains Industrial Revolution?
The steam engine was very impoertant in the developement of britains industrial revolution.the steam engine helped the cotton was used to power large mechanical looms. britains coal production expanded because the steam engine used coal f