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Small businesses have always made the market more competitive by offering products/services at a low cost and decent quality. If you own one, take our interesting online small business quizzes to learn the ins and outs to develop your own small business and become a market leader.
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Microfinance is the provision of small loans for the poor firms or organizations which are having problems with bank operations. This is a broad category of service that is meant for the provision of credit services to poor...

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    Which area is the microfinance system mostly practiced?

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    An individual who undertakes the creation, organization and ownership of a business is called (an):

A quiz which determines if you have the skills required to set up a small business

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    You communicate well in writing.  You are clear and accurate when writing letters/assignments/texts.

Take this quiz on small business jobs.

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    Small businesses employ just over half of all private-sector workers, according to the Small Business Administration, and they generated what percent of all net new jobs over the past 15 years

For owners and managers of computer consulting businesses, VARs, network integrators, IT solution providers, MSPs, system builders, and computer repair businesses ...that market to local small business clients ...and...

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    What percentage of your company's annual revenue is service revenue from clients on IT service contracts?


Small Business Questions & Answers

How many hours per week, in an average week, do you allocate to IT marketing, sales, and business development?
More than 8 hours per week-unless your firm is large enough to have dedicated it marketing, sales, and business development staff, most owners of small business technology providers are severely under-invested in the amount of time thats realisticall
How many IT service contract clients does your firm have that you see at least once a month?
10+-its very difficult to build a profitable technology provider business around the needs and whims of one-shot-deal customers. to grow a sustainable, forecastable, and scalable business, build your client list with small businesses that need outsou
How much of your monthly revenue comes from your three biggest clients?
1%-49%-at the risk of being repetitious to drive home an extremely important point, dont put your firm in a situation where your three biggest clients are responsible for more than 50% of your firms monthly service revenue. if any of these clients a
How much service revenue does your average small business client generate each month?
>$1,000 (or the local currency equivalent)-small business technology providers can have a very hard time profitably acquiring new clients if (a) their target prospects are too small or (b) their target prospects dont believe in investing properly
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