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How many different ways do you have to get new customers besides word-of-mouth?
4+-word-of-mouth marketing is not really marketing. rather, word-of-mouth is a bonus or dividend you get for doing everything else correctly with your it marketing, sales, project management, and customer service. in other words, you cant expect word
How many hours per week, in an average week, do you allocate to IT marketing, sales, and business development?
More than 8 hours per week-unless your firm is large enough to have dedicated it marketing, sales, and business development staff, most owners of small business technology providers are severely under-invested in the amount of time thats realisticall
How much of your monthly revenue comes from your three biggest clients?
1%-49%-at the risk of being repetitious to drive home an extremely important point, dont put your firm in a situation where your three biggest clients are responsible for more than 50% of your firms monthly service revenue. if any of these clients a
SOI stands for Sphere of Influence. Which is the best definition of Sphere of Influence from a business-generating perspective?
Everyone who knows youWhile all of the above responses are correct, the best answer is everyone who knows you. Your Sphere of Influence may indeed include your past clients and current prospects AND your friends and family AND everyone you know... bu