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Real estate plays a crucial role in balancing the economy. Contrary to popular beliefs, in present times, one can easily enter the housing market with small investments. If this fact got you interested and you wish to become a real estate buff or just fleetingly entertain yourself, take our online real estate quizzes, with a variety of questions.
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    A type of mortgage in which the lender makes periodic payments to the borrow, who is required to be age 62 or older in the FHA program, is called 

Vocabulary words. PSI test questions

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    A physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of the major life activities of an individual.

When it comes to selling a house there are some things that one has to know is deal with prospective clients and attract the people needed. Having covered chapter one on basic real estate principles in the real estate fundamental...

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    In real estate the definition of land includes ONLY what is on the surface of the earth and attached by nature such as trees.

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    A closing cost of two and one half discount points involved in the purchase of a $184,000 property on which there is a mortgage with 75% loan to value ratio would equal which of the following amounts:

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    How many members are on the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission

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Real Estate Questions & Answers

Which of the following definitions is appropriate for the term "real estate"?
The correct answer is option A Real estate is land and anything permanently attached to the land – which includes houses and structures on the land. It also includes the natural resources such as crops, minerals or water. Real estate also refe
What is the difference between Real Estate Agent and Broker?
If you are looking for a house, you may want to contact a real estate agent so that he or she can help you find a house. You can find a house on your own, but it is easier if you have someone representing you and doing that for you. There are real es
What is the difference between Quitclaim Deed and Warranty Deed?
A warranty deed is a document ensuring that no other person has the right to the property being transferred. A deed that is quitclaim does not provide any assurance as to the validity of such title, interest, or claim. The meaning would be that one c
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