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One of the most profitable businesses in modern-day society, real estate has transformed many people into millionaires because of significant investments at the right time in the right place. So if you think you are a real estate expert, you might want to become one or you’re just curious about this, why not give our real estate trivia a try?

We have all sorts of questions meant to challenge you at every step. Unless they hold title in a Mexican Corporation, foreigners cannot buy land in Mexico within what range of the coast? The Irish property bubble was a rapid increase in the price of real estate, a time in which Ireland was known as what? Get all the assets and lands and create your own real estate empire.

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  •  1. Looking at the long history of US home prices adjusted for inflation (1890 to 2008), how long has it historically taken for US home prices to double (for the same type and size of house in the same location)?  

  • Adjusted for inflation, had US real estate prices ever declined nationally before 2007? 

  • Can the value of a home drop so much that it has to be given away in order to find a new owner?

  • In real estate the definition of land includes ONLY what is on the surface of the earth and attached by nature such as trees.

  • All of these statements are characteristics of land: All parcels of land are different; land is essentially indestructible; and, land is fixed in its location.

  • There are only two (2) categories of property: (1) Real Property, and (2) Improved Property.

  • How much is the amount of basic real property tax that may be imposed by a province?
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  • Documentary stamps tax (DST) is one of the taxes due on sale, exchange, and transfer of capital and ordinary assets. What is the rate to be applied for the DST of the gross selling price or zonal value plus value of a house or building in the lot?
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  • What is the tax payable to the local government unit for sale, transfer or other disposition of real estate, whether the real estate is a capital or ordinary asset?
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  • Amortization
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  • Balloon Payment
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  • Buyers Equity
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