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Agriculture is the sole reason we are getting everything that our body and mind need to survive and thrive. Enhance your knowledge about this science and art of cultivating plants and livestock with our online agriculture quizzes having well-researched questions.
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Crop planting has been done on earth for centuries. There have been new ways to plant more and new crops throughout the years and some ancient ways are still being used. Test out how much you understand basic agriculture by...

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    Define agriculture.

Demonstrate knowledge on food and agriculture topics from chapter 15.

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    Which of the following farm practices have been used by farmers only in recent years?

Agriculture involves any type of land use to produce plants and rearing of animals. The Agricultural and Rural Land Use quiz below tests on different concepts on the subject. Take up the quiz and learn more.

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    The modern definition of agriculture includes 


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    Suppose that the wage is $20 per hour in a two-sector (manufacturing and agriculture) specific-factors model. Currently, the prices of manufactured and agricultural outputs are $5 and $1, respectively; the marginal product of labor in the manufactured sector is 6 units per hour; and the marginal product of labor in the agricultural sector is 10 units per hour. What will happen to the distribution of labor between the two sectors?

The following five questions are based on golf course irrigation. Check all that apply!

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    A Cla-Val installed on an irrigation system pump station is use to protect irrigation systems against

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Agriculture Questions & Answers

What crops were brought by British to America?
When the British began their colonization of North American continent, they opened their civilizations along the Eastern coast of their territory. These early civilizations became known as the thirteen colonies. The thirteen colonies were divided int
What is the difference between Cash Crops and Food Crops?
Cash crops are known to be the type of crops that are being grown so that they can be sold for a nice profit. Food crops are grown because they are meant to be eaten by humans. Cash crops are normally being grown and gathered so that they can be sold
What do mixing crops and livestock allow farmers to do?
There are always different things that farmers need to do to make sure that their crops and livestock will be amazing. A lot of them rely on the weather in order to ensure that their crops and their livestock will do well. Some farmers know that the
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