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Various questions that would be used on many local, district, state and national FFA officer test. Pulled from the offical ffa manual.

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    What is the FFA Motto?

This quiz is about the FFA knowledge and it is a practice test for all knowledge students

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    In what year was president Gerald Ford the speaker at National FFA convention?

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    What year was the Smith-Hughes act established?

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge in the area of floriculture, particularly pertaining to the FFA Floriculture CDE.

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    The average soil mixture contains what percentage of air, water, minerals, and organic materials?

Here are some questions pulled straight from the 2011-2012 Official FFA Manual book and the Parliamentary Guide for FFA book by Jarrell D. Gray

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  • Sample Question
    Who wrote the FFA Creed?

FFA Questions & Answers

What is the FFA Motto?
Learning to do, Doing to learn, Earning to live, Living to serve The National FFA Organization (Future Farmers of America) is a student organization that promotes interest in the fields of agriculture and leadership among students. The group is commi
What is not part of male offical dress?
The belt must be black and can not be shiny.
What are the colors of the National FFA?
1. National Blue Corn Gold2. Corn Gold National Blue